If Glühwein bad? - Information about storage

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If Glühwein bad?  - Information about storage

The storage of Glühwein

In alcoholic beverages is often said that these can be simply stored by the alcohol longer. It must be borne in mind here, however, that when speaking of unwrapped or already opened beverages. From this perspective, the question is "mulled wine is bad," fully justified.

If Glühwein bad - the unopened storage

  • You might have noticed that on mulled wine bottles no production or expiration date is. Therefore, it is poorly understood, when it was actually made. Normally, it is believed that the production of the year stems, in which it is sold. But this need not be.
  • but you can assume that you in unopened bottles in a dark cool place quite able to store at least 2 years of mulled wine, without being bad.

Storage at open Glühwein or the House Production

  • If you opened a bottle of mulled wine and but this does not completely consume, you should close it tightly and refrigerate. He adheres to a week. The best smell in advance to the bottle before you decide then to use it again, because it may well be that he also keeps a few days longer.
  • If you make mulled wine itself, fill this then into clean bottles and to ask him also in the refrigerator. He holds about 2 weeks. Also it smell, before using it. By the smell of mulled wine is open, you can see whether this is bad or can no longer be used.

Finally a good idea if you do not have mulled wine, which is already longer. You can use this also in the summer. Ask him very cold and then pour it on with chilled orange juice, give added ice cubes and you have a perfect Sangria, the cult drink from Spain.

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