Impoverished noble - so money-less needle lives

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Impoverished noble - so money-less needle lives

Not every nobleman lives in a castle.

Impoverished nobility - not always abound blame

  • Still impoverished nobility also exists in Germany and is not always a life in abundance to the depletion blame.
  • Already the false confession could result in earlier times to depletion. Catholic noblemen gave their sons often in church offices and thus to celibacy. Thereby there were no descendants and the property fell to other branches of the family. Nevertheless Protestant nobles were often poorer than Catholic Edelbl├╝ter.
  • By lulls in agriculture or by bad investments many nobles were deeply in debt and remained so.
  • Inflation also caused a depletion of the nobility. Through various wars also were the estates of aristocrats to the conquerors. You remained only the title.

So poor nobility lives

  • Even today there are still impoverished nobility. So it may be that a Baron von Hohen Stetten lives as a neighbor in the new neighborhood and all usually does his shopping.
  • There are even free women who work as vendors at the flea market or Housekeeper are.
  • Impoverished noble lives as much as the normal commoners. Besides its title is not much left from the needle. They work as an office worker, a manager at management levels or as a kindergarten teacher in kindergarten.
  • There is also impoverished aristocrat who use their name to charity and do so at least something good for mankind.
  • However, not everyone Baron also an impoverished nobleman. Some people buy titles of nobility, without ever having been well-born. On the outside they can not be identified.
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