impregnate wooden fence for the garden

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impregnate wooden fence for the garden

With an impregnation your wooden fence remains beautiful.

Why your wooden fence protection needs

Wood is a noble and valuable natural material and is often used for construction in the form of fences, palisades, seating or patio stones. An impregnation of your wood fences protects especially against fungal and insect infestation.

By contrast, protects such impregnation insufficient against moisture and UV radiation from sunlight. Against weather conditions this type slide your garden fence of wood with additional glaze or wood color, to form a sealing surface film.

Fences made of fir, spruce and pine are particularly vulnerable mushroom. To prevent fungal attack, swipe it with a primer against blue stain. Hardwood like oak, black locust, teak, meranti and merbau require no blue stain protection. This treat instead with a primer on acrylic base.

Blue stain protection protects the wooden fence against blue stain fungi. Your wooden fence softwood be treated with a mixture of blue stain and inlet base as a primer. Inlet base is a solvent-free deep primer to reduce the absorbency of wood and other materials.

To impregnate your garden fences

For optimum protection of your wooden fence you need sandpaper (80 grit) to prepare the fence. Your fence softwood be treated with blue stain and your fence hardwood treat you with a primer on acrylic base. You will also need a dispersion varnish.

  1. Fence grind. Grinding First rinse the pickets of your garden fence with sand paper. You can work manually or using a grinding machine with sandpaper attachment. impregnate wooden fence for the garden
  2. Wooden fence priming. Priming Now to your wooden fence made ​​of hardwood with the solvent-free primer on acrylic base. Your wooden fence softwood with the mix of blue stain and inlet base. impregnate wooden fence for the garden
  3. Fence grind again. Grind your fence after priming again slightly. This increases the absorption of Wetterschutzfarbe. impregnate wooden fence for the garden
  4. Apply coating. Now enter an acrylic weatherproof paint your fence in the garden. This is a highly opaque dispersion varnish. It is harmless to humans, animals and plants. impregnate wooden fence for the garden
  5. Wooden fence post-treated consistently. To keep your wood fence and your garden gate in the garden for a long time well, due to a consistent treatment every two to three years.

Your wooden fence requires protection. For this you need to impregnate them. In addition, you seal it with a glaze or wood color for an optimal surface film which protects your wooden fence sustainably.

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