improve Portrait - Here's how easy

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improve Portrait - Here's how easy

Simple tricks to make a photo-catchers.

A few tricks are enough to enhance a portrait.

improve Portrait with Photoshop

  1. Adjust the picture. But this plays a major role. Select the Crop tool compose the shot. In the top bar, you can display any raster. Insert so the golden ratio or a Fibonacci spiral over the image.
  2. Slide and composing a shot now so that the most important element is at an intersection of the golden section or the swirls of Fibonacci spiral. In a portrait, the most are the eyes. Both raster help to create a harmonious image. However, you should not place undue reliance on the grid, but also examine whether the picture is harmonious to you.
  3. A silky, delicate skin can a portrait equal radiate much more. To improve the complexion, impurities should be removed first. With the Healing Brush and pressing the ALT key, select an area that is particularly pure. Move the brush then the impurities. These are superimposed with the fine skin, so that redness and spots disappear.
  4. To smooth the skin, convert the layer to a Smart Object. With the Quick Selection tool or the Magic Wand select to all areas of the skin that will make you soft. Eyes, mouth, eyes and Need important contours you should not activate it. Then choose to "filter" the "Blur" and then in turn the "Gaussian Blur". Now you can adjust the radius so, so that the desired parts are covered. The skin can be improved so much.
  5. Now the eyes should radiate. Highlight the iris with the Quick Selection tool and create a setting screen for the saturation. This then screw something up. Also the color you can easily customize, but should not change it too much, because the eyes act fast otherwise inauthentic.
  6. Also at settings that spread to the whole picture, you can make changes. Thus, it is often useful to increase the contrast a bit and adjust the brightness.

Retouch with GIMP

  • Besides Photoshop and freeware programs like GIMP make improving portraits possible.
  • To compose the picture, take the cropping mode. You can display guides now. Although there is no Fibonacci spiral available, but a grid of the golden ratio.
  • To retouch the skin, select the healing tool which is symbolized by a plaster. Instead with the ALT key focus here with the CTRL key pressed a delicate skin area. With the left mouse button, you are now driving on blemishes to remove these.
  • To improve the skin with GIMP Next, duplicate the moment the plane. Then select "Remove stains" "Filtering" and "improve" the entry. This leads to a blurring of the entire image. Because some areas are to be left out, create a new layer mask that you fill with black. Paint with a white brush now through the skin areas to be blurred. Then, save the planes from as an overall level.
  • To make the eye white is even whiter, lighten it up with the "Dodge" tool and a soft brush something. Pupil and eyelashes can be drawn -tool blacker contrast with the "Abdunkel". Thus, a higher contrast and the eyes are produced radiant.

It takes no great expertise to provide a portrait of a little pizzazz. With simple tricks can improve pictures quickly and be an eye-catcher.

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