improve range of motion in the hip - with these exercises

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improve range of motion in the hip - with these exercises

A movable hip makes life easier.

The mobility must be practiced

The human body is designed so that it has to be held permanently in motion. Many people find it difficult to integrate the necessary movement in their everyday lives. This means in the long run limited mobility, pain after pulling and restricts the range of action.

  • For the mobility of all joints of the harmonious interaction of all joint structures involved is important. These are bones, ligaments and muscles, depending on the joint in a different weighting.
  • The hip joint is a so-called bony joint. That is, it gets its stability mainly of the bony structure. Accompanying ligaments and muscles tend to have the function to accompany the hip in the movement and to limit this. This is possible in this case in the direction of flexion, extension, rotation inward and outward and from the neutral position of a motion to midbody and away from there.
  • If you want to keep your hip joints in excess, you must beüben all the above directions. The exercises should you make any severe pain. Only allowed are stretching pain of muscles. However, these should be rare in bone joints held.

The hip has three directions of movement

In order to utilize all three directions of motion of the hip joint, you must complete at least the following five exercises. More exercises are detrimental not usually, but with this program you beübt all directions of movement once. Make sure that you perform each movement clean. Crucially not how big the movement looks, but that you take advantage of the range of motion of your joint.

  1. For the rotation, you set on your back and place both legs flat side by side on the floor. Back apart feet a piece. Turn next both toes outward as far as you can. Then turn it inwards, also as far as you can. Repeat this exercise at least ten times for each direction and let the knees straight throughout.
  2. Stay lying supine, with legs outstretched. Now run a leg as far as possible to the outside and stay in contact with the ground. The pool must not be removed from the ground. Run back the leg and repeat the movement with the other leg, each side ten times.
  3. Turn to one side, the upper leg is bent, the front placed the knees on the floor or a cushion, the lower leg straight, the back is straight. Lift the bottom leg straight up toward the ceiling. Repeat on the other side. Every movement you should also run at least ten times.
  4. Roll. On his stomach Bend one leg, squeeze tummy and hips against the floor and raise ten times on the thigh of the bent leg. Repeat with the other leg.
  5. Turn Again supine, bend one leg and include the knee with both hands. Pull the knee as far as it goes ran to him and hold for three seconds. The other outstretched leg lifts not off the ground. Repeat this movement ten times and also with the other leg.
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