In cistern is not water - Repair Manual

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In cistern is not water - Repair Manual

No water in the cistern? Easy maintenance Thommy_Weiss / Pixelio

No water in the rinse - why is it?

  • Found in your cistern simply no water or running in the toilet cistern water stops after, so the most likely cause for this is the float which is to indicate the water level. Either this depends finds, or has even completely dissolved.
  • However, if no water comes when you press the trigger, so it is not necessarily the float, but in this case, the water inlet filter and blockages are desselbigen blame for the irrigation failures.
  • In both cases, you should be clear that you have to open the cistern. But before you begin the repair process, you should turn off definitely the feed tap. Do not do that, you risk serious flooding.

Repair Manual for the cistern

  1. Beat first just once against the toilet tank and check, so if not again meet water because the possibly jammed float freed by the strike itself.
  2. This does not help, so just drag on the cistern lid and take it down completely. Now check whether the problem ever expresses the float.
  3. See, that was stuck, so you free him easy, you see that he swims loose, so attach it back to the intended device.
  4. If the float all right, so you build from the sieve into the inlet pipe and clean it properly to dissolve blockages.
  5. Also helps a cleaning no longer because the screen has almost completely decomposed, so you get a new screen at the hardware store. Take your old sieve but urgently and ask an employee for a suitable new model.
  6. The new screen you are now building again. Finally, put the lid back on the box and your lavage should be repaired. The water should now flow as usual in the box. At least, after you have turned the valve.

Important is ultimately especially that you remember the order in the first dismantling of the cistern. You know in advance that you are not likely to remember, so you should make a sketch so that the work can proceed as quickly as possible.

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