In cold eat properly - so you support your recovery

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In cold eat properly - so you support your recovery

Vitamin-rich foods are important for colds.

In a cold your appetite suffers

  • If you have a cold, often also your appetite can quickly and it is hard for you to eat. If you have a cold, it usually does not take long and your sense of taste is significantly decreases.
  • Your immune system is lowered, and your body is busy trying to fight the bacteria.
  • With the right foods can help your body to strengthen your immune system.
  • With a cold you should not burden them with fat and calorie-dense foods your body. In addition to the right food, it is also important that you take enough fluid. Drink at least two liters a day. To support your body and make sure that you can cough up more easily because your mucus is liquefied by the liquid.

Eating properly supports your recovery

  • Even if you are not hungry in a cold and your sense of taste is affected, you should eat regularly.
  • An old home remedy that can help you with your recovery, is a chicken soup. Of course it is good if you make the chicken soup itself. but you can also rely on a soup out of a can.
  • Other soups, such as tomato soup or cauliflower soup are easy to manufacture and can also be eaten when you difficulty in swallowing.
  • Vitamin-rich fruits such as kiwi, oranges, grapes or apples are also well suited.
  • If added at your cold sore throat, you should avoid citrus fruits. You can then resort to good vegetable juices or for example also on fruits such as pears recourse.
  • Also a soup of oatmeal or cereal with apple sauce you can eat well at a cold.
  • Drink warm tea or warm milk with honey. The honey soothes your irritated throat.
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