In England celebrating Easter - so succeeds's

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In England celebrating Easter - so succeeds's

A happy Easter you can also celebrate in England.

Celebrate with our neighbors in England

  • In England, Easter is celebrated with the family, eggs are wanted and you sit comfortably together. Good Friday is called in England "Good Friday", this day is celebrated differently. On this day Christ is the day of Jesus thought and in Catholic areas of England is fasted on that day.

Easter brings people

  • By Easter Sunday, the festival itself is rung, it is like the festival in Germany. With the difference that often so-called "hot cross buns" are eaten. "Hot Cross Buns" are very tasty spiced buns with a cross on top. Easter eggs for the children are also hidden - in England, Ireland and Scotland these are, however, not brought by a rabbit, but of a rabbit, hence the name "Easter Bunny".
  • On both quiet holidays of Easter Monday follows. This day is not over religious holiday, brings the people in England but still a long weekend. On this day as the "Egg Rolling Competitions" held some games. In this game, eggs are rolled down a road, the fun is clearly in the foreground.
  • It is celebrated in pubs, to participate can everyone have fun and wants to get to know the people better. Who can keep up, can party until closing time and can explain exactly to Easter locally the best traditions.

Other manners in England - so succeed egg rolls

At Easter the egg rolls is practiced in England with great enthusiasm. Although the game has no real sense, but it makes a lot of fun and is exactly what it comes to in the end yes.

  • Those wishing to participate in egg rolls in England, must first boil eggs and then dye. Who does not want it, can buy ready dyed eggs.
  • The participants of this tradition at Easter all put on a street. The eggs are then simultaneously rolled down the street.
  • The winner is the participant whose egg identifies as First a cracked shell. Another variant is rolling on a hill. The eggs are again rolled down simultaneously. This time, wins the egg, which could cover the longest distance.
  • Most often, the game ends in which the participants go together to the nearest pub and treat yourself to a drink or two.

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