In Facebook change the layout - how it works

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In Facebook change the layout - how it works

Beautify Facebook layouts.

The network Facebook

Social media is all the rage. The social network Facebook is playing a leading role, as it has today in a simple fashion popular functionalities.

  • Facebook has demonstrated how you can earn within a few years many billions, provided one was from the beginning as a founder here.
  • This virtual network is tricky. The value that is in it, is given only only by the fact that you can add his friends, but by more - particularly for companies to use functions.
  • The free movement of today's users, as regards the information to Facebook makes use, by releasing user data to companies that are not relevant data protection law (which always leads to disputes).
  • Companies can advertise in a targeted manner on Facebook, customers identif grace and appeal, interact and integrate these features even on their own sites or apps.
  • to change the layout in Facebook is not a simple matter, since Facebook designed to engage on the code for security reasons difficult. Most of the way for changing layouts via a plugin which also still by all users, which must be installed to see your pages.
  • You can change the layout with some plugins with simple HTML and CSS elements.

Change layout

Pages in Facebook just look nice if you designed to your own requirements. However, only very limited changes are possible by default. With some plugins or with their own app changes are possible. The alternative route is via plugins that provides an overlay layer, which must be installed from all users.

  1. You can easily change the layout via plugins, of which there are already to have some. An example is stylish.
  2. Pick a layout, for example on the Cool Facebook layout page.
  3. To install, the Firefox plugin load itself down stylish, which can be obtained from the Firefox Addons. Do this, search Stylish and install the addon.
  4. Start the Firefox browser.
  5. Search under the Cool Facebook page layout a suitable layout and adjust this according to your needs (for example, by clicking on Costumize).
  6. Copy the code that is displayed below the respective layouts.
  7. Now select in your Firefox Addons -> Stylish the "Options".
  8. Click on "Write New Style".
  9. Paste the copied code in the window and give it a name.
  10. Now click on "Save", and you can admire the new layout in Facebook, which you could change just.
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