In FIFA 12 developing young players - so you use the scouting network

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In FIFA 12 developing young players - so you use the scouting network

Develop youth player at FIFA 12th

Set up a scouting network in FIFA 12

You must set up at 12 FIFA a scouting network in your youth academy, so you can take new youth players under contract and they develop such an extent that they can be added to the first team.

  1. If you are in Manager mode, click on the left to the point "youth department".
  2. Second, you get to the point "Scouting Network" and select "Scout hire" from.
  3. Now select a scout and confirm the message with "Yes".
  4. After "a few days" you receive a message that your scout is there and ready to work. Embark back into your scouting network and select the "available" Scout out.
  5. Now select the option "scouting network build" from. Now you have the option of a "region", a "country", the select "duration" and "type of player."
  6. After you have made your settings, send out the Scout.

You will now receive a monthly report from your scout in which you need to specify which players will continue to be monitored and with whom you want to complete a youth contract.

After development of young players, the rise comes in the first team

If you have committed a youth player in FIFA 12, you can see how these evolve and whether they are ready to play in your first team.

  1. Put yourself in your career mode on the left side to the point "youth department".
  2. Then, go to see how to develop your new youth players to the point "youth team".
  3. Once you see a green check mark behind a player's name, you can offer this player a contract and take in your first team. Just click on the player and select "Offer contract" from.
  4. Then select the contract details and click on "new contract offer".

After "a few days" to get at a reasonable contract offer a promise of youth player and can install these from now for your first team.

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