In Firefox open multiple bookmarks at once

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In Firefox open multiple bookmarks at once

You can create multiple bookmarks at once.

Simultaneously use multiple bookmarks in Firefox

If you are reading in a big book, you have several options to remember which side you left off. You can check the number of pages, for example, simply remember, fold one corner of the page to or read to the end of a chapter. The easiest way, however, it is for you if you use a bookmark. For example if you read a guide, where multiple pages are interesting, you can of course use multiple bookmarks at once. Just as you can do it in your Firefox browser also. If you are on the Internet, then you know a lot of meaningful and short addresses from the head. This is due to the fact that you visit this often and secondly because it is the so-called main pages, * .com or with the endings * .com. Visit but bottoms, this address is often extended to the endings but every time you wanted link such that you need to set a bookmark to find you again.

  1. If you need to stop at a meeting where you have opened multiple tabs (several different sides at once), it is helpful if you can all at the same time create the bookmark. Just click in the open browser with the right mouse button on top of one of the tabs (tab).
  2. In the opening menu you will find many useful options. Use your case please the "Bookmark All Tabs Add". You can now save the bookmark in an appropriately named folder you or in an existing menu.
  3. If you want to continue the session again later, simply go to the Bookmarks menu in Firefox open. Find this again. However, you must not click on each bookmark individually, to open it now.
  4. As when saving you with can be more than one bookmark at the same time again show. Click to the menu or the folder that contains the bookmarks, with right and get in the opening menu the "Open All in Tabs" option.
  5. Firefox will now open all bookmarks stored each in a separate tab, and you can continue working as if you'd never have to interrupt your last session.

By the way: Do you want to also have access to other computers and other places to your bookmarks, it is advisable to store them online in offered there lists. manage bookmarks online, has the advantage that you can access it through the Internet anywhere, anytime, and only you decide who can see you and open and who is not.

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