In Howrse increase the popularity - so it can succeed

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In Howrse increase the popularity - so it can succeed

Your equestrian center on Howrse should be very popular. Hannelore_Louis / Pixelio

The equestrian center Howrse

  • In the horse-breeding game Howrse is a classic browser game, so you will not install on your computer the game. To play Howrse however is an account of needs and this you can create in the near future. With your account data log then subsequently in the browser game.
  • You can maintain not only numerous horses and breed, but even run a riding school in Howrse. Once you have the browser game played a total of 20 days, you can set up an equestrian center and create. You have then a total of 25,000 Equus (the game currency from Howrse) available.
  • The equestrian center you can earn in several ways money subsequently. So you can for example take the horses of other players as boarders in your equestrian center, act with horse dung or distribute your products cultivated.
  • The success of your equestrian center depends mainly on your prestige (prestige) from. The more popular your center in Howrse, the more money you can make with this device. There are a few good tips to the popularity of the equestrian center is quite simple to increase.

To increase the popularity

  • Attend regularly to the meadows of your equestrian center and make sure that these are always clean and well maintained.
  • Buy as many boxes for your equestrian center as possible and build them gradually from.
  • Take care of a reliable supply of your horse and take it for a veterinarian to complete.
  • Ask. Just Races in your equestrian center, with a positive impact on the popularity This is best achieved with the different breeds, such as with Andalusians, Arabs and Lipizzaner horses.
  • Make sure that the selected horse breeds in Howrse get a very high dressage value, so you continually enhance the popularity of your equestrian center.
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