In Illustrator embed a bitmap? - Layout Overview

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In Illustrator embed a bitmap?  - Layout Overview

Pixel images can be embedded in Illustrator.

use Illustrator to design - how it works

  • The graphics program from the Adobe suite can be downloaded as a trial version of the Adobe website.
  • Illustrator mainly works on vector base. Of such created graphics are calculated from curve descriptions and are thus without losses scalable, ie without pixel effects to enlarge.
  • Equally, however, can embed bitmaps, to use in the layout.

Embed bitmaps - Step by Step

  1. Download the latest installation file of the software from the Adobe web site and install it as a trial.
  2. Open Illustrator and enter the desired dimensions of your document. The typical formats like DIN A4 are preset, but you can also select any other rectangular dimensions. The units can be set, you can for example choose between millimeters and pixels.
  3. Select "File> Place" to import a bitmap file in Illustrator. You can then freely position, resize and even adjust their opacity and transparency.
  4. Basically, it is recommended, Illustrator and save files used in the layout images. Technically is by placing only a shortcut created. This means that such (only linked) images are also not automatically copied when the Illustrator file is moved to another location or copied to another computer.
  5. To remain sure that the pixel images guaranteed in the document, go to "Window> Links" to open a popup window. Among the options, select "Embed image" and it will be integrated into your file.
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