In Office 2010 hide the Ribbon

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In Office 2010 hide the Ribbon

Without Ribbon, you have more space.

The Office 2010 software in detail

  • Office 2010 comes from the developers Microsoft and is one of the programs for the computer. It consists of several sub-programs and can be used for private and commercial purpose. The manufacturer offers different versions for sale and these are distinguished by different programs.
  • In all expansions known programs Word and Excel are present in any case and with these you can, for example, write letters, create tables. The menu of the software is relatively clear and can provide a lot of functions.
  • About the ribbon, an additional task bar, you can select different tools and access registration cards. If required, this bar on or even hide.

How the hide the Ribbon

The ribbon is located directly below the menu interface of Office 2010 and includes various tools, registration cards and functions. The bar is in some cases although quite useful, but takes up a lot of space and reduces your workspace. Do not need this submenu in your work, so you can completely hide it if necessary and then have characterized more space available.

  1. Start a program of Office 2010 such as Word or Excel.
  2. Click with the right mouse button either on the toolbar for quick access or on any tab will display a context menu.
  3. In this you can select "Minimize the Ribbon" command. When done, the bar disappears and you have more space to work available.
  4. In the same way you can initiate the course undo and show the tape again also.
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