In which countries do I need a passport? - To inform in advance

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In which countries do I need a passport?  - To inform in advance

Valid passport when traveling remember.

In many states, you need a valid passport

The question of which countries you need a passport, should be made as early as possible. The Ausweißpapier may of course not be expired.

  • Normally, to be valid prior to your departure from the host country of 6 months.
  • Airlines and travel agencies to inform you about the entry requirements of your destination country.
  • But be careful, you will not be liable as a rule for false information.
  • Tacky is alone the rice guest, so. Therefore, you should visit regardless of those information the website of the Foreign Office.
  • They will tell you everything about your holiday destination and its entry requirements. You are best to print this page and carry with you.

For cruises for entraining the passport will apply different rules

  • Who has booked a cruise in most cases - even if you place within Europe instead - also carry a valid passport.
  • This rule does not apply when the vessel remain within the Schengen countries.
  • This has the background when a ship outside the territory falls into distress, the passengers could not practically be brought to safety, since the country helping to enter requires a valid passport.

Changes for Children - upon entry into countries with identity card required

  • From the summer of 2012 children are no longer included in the passport of their parents.
  • The age of the child does not matter, requires a country to enter a passport, the child needs its own identity with image.
  • For entry into the US must be registered on Esta least 72 hours before departure. The best way to this at least one week in advance to be on the safe side.

"Who makes a trip that can experience something." Since it will not only provide wonderful experiences, please inform yourself before you travel with the responsible bodies. Because there is the question of which countries you need a valid passport, competently answered.

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