Inches and inches - the dimensions clearly explained

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Inches and inches - the dimensions clearly explained

A tape measure, there are often as customs and as centimeter variant.

Customs as a unit

  • Inch (eng. "Inch") is a measure of the length, which is used mainly in English-speaking countries. The unit symbols are either "in" (for inches) or quotation mark ( ") for inches. Especially in displays this notation has enforced (for example, for a 27" display). However, other form factors, such as hard drives, image sensors or data carriers, are still expressed in inches.
  • 1 inch long by current definition exactly 25.4mm or 2.54cm. With respect to other English units equal 1 inch 1/12 feet (ft) or 1/36 Yard (yd). The conversion is therefore not to make absolutely trivial in the head, because you are used to calculating in the decimal system.

convert inches into the metric system

  • To convert a calculator is recommended because just customs data almost always end in odd and therefore unwieldy numbers. If you present a customs declaration, multiply by the value 2.54, to achieve in centimeters. Example: 27 "* 2.54 = 68.58 cm.
  • Have other hand present a centimeter indication, you need to divide this by the value 2.54 in order to express the length in inches can. Example: 300 cm / 2.54 = 118.11 in.
  • The calculation of the value for 2.54 centimeters is the most common form, but you can also convert directly into a millimeter or other values, then you only need to adjust the conversion factor accordingly. Usually, however, it is easier to do the conversion on the basis of customs and centimeters and carry out any further arithmetic operations thereafter.
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