increase In FIFA 12 Experience - so it'll work

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increase In FIFA 12 Experience - so it'll work

Do not despair, you get everything for experience points. Gerrit_Schmit / Pixelio

The producer of FIFA 12 have can be something completely new incident. The EA SPORTS Football Club is a feature with which you can support their own favorite team. This is done automatically by means of experience points (abbreviated EP). These also serve moreover, being better able to compare with the friends and friendly matches on the internet opponent gets drawn against, which are approximately at the same level.

What there is experience points?

  • So everything you do 12 in FIFA, has an impact on their own level and to support the team, you get basically everything for experience points.
  • For the start of the game you get, for example, already 10 EP.
  • One gets EP when games (no matter what mode) wins, even if you lose. The amount of experience points will depend on the level of difficulty. On "amateur" one gets accordingly the least. In online games, you get about 200th
  • When you create a Virtual Pro and enable these services, you gain experience points. Also for the creation of a player in the Creation Centre there are points.
  • The same is also true for buying professionals or youth players in Career Mode.
  • Many points are awarded if you trophies - online or offline - wins. For getting on and off you also get a high number of points.
  • Most points in one fell swoop, you get in challenges. If you successfully complete the challenge you get with only a (shortened) Match between 500 and 1100 points.

Do 12 to know when FIFA still

  • To gain experience points, you have to be always online.
  • There is a limit of 2000 EP. More you can not collect so.
  • To reach level 20, for example, requires 48,691 experience points.
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