Index cards as a reminder - so you prepare a presentation

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Index cards as a reminder - so you prepare a presentation

To use index cards as a memory aid.

Before you give a presentation, you should consider how you want to support themselves, not to get off track and maintain the structure of the presentation that you think of beforehand. Do this in any case, whether the like on a concept paper on a pager or. An old but still very useful method is the marking of index cards. As you do this best, learn hereafter.

Prepare index cards for a lecture

  1. Before you can mark the cards and make, you should develop a concept paper on which you write down the structure of your talk and perform an outline detail.
  2. After that you should usually, if desired in your presentation or is useful to have a presentation, such as PowerPoint or with an Open Office program design and therein provide a visual aid to the public.
  3. Similar to this presentation now work the cards for you as a speaker. Make a note of all these points, which are carried out in the presentation, as well as key points for possible beyond explanations.
  4. Avoid long sentences or unclear sketches, which can lead to light that the cards more likely to lead to lose the thread, so keep this.
  5. At the lecture itself should put index cards that have already been dealt with, to the rear and thus present in sequence after another.

Despite all the preparation with index cards, concept paper and the like, you should always be aware that you bring your presentation only very professional and organized across the stage, if you previously learn some key points and organize the thoughts.

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