Infinity SM 150 - Product information

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Infinity SM 150 - Product information

Infinity SM150 - the ultimate party box

The infinity experts say about the technical details

  • The home theater system SM 150 consists of two three-way floor-standing speakers. These were produced in the years 1970 to 1980 by Infinity.
  • The sound-carrying capacity is 200 to 300 watts, at a supersonic speed of 102 dB. The frequency range encompasses 29 HZ to 27 kHz and its nominal impedance is 8 ohms.
  • Populated they are each a woofer of 38 cm diameter made of polypropylene, a midrange of 16.5 cm diameter polypropylene and a tweeter of 2.5 cm diameter.
  • The dimensions of the Infinity SM 150 amounts to (H x W x D) 100 x 45 x 35 cm. They weigh about 34 kg.
  • the speakers were made in the execution of 'black ash'. The original price at the time is 800 DM per piece.

The SM150-lover says of practical use

  • Originally the Infinity SM 150 were built as studio loudspeakers. But they are quite suitable as party boxes.
  • This makes them ideally suited for rock, pop and house music as well as classical sounds. This makes them ideally suited for rock, pop and house music as well as classical sounds. This is not least due to its medium and high frequency controller, through which the sound can be adapted to different music genres.
  • Even medium or large spaces fill the state boxes effortlessly into the far corner with sound volume. This also makes them for celebrations in halls or warehouses a good choice when it comes to the background music.
  • The Infinity SM 150 are among the best speakers that have been built in their time. They have a long life in which they deliver consistently good quality reliable.
  • Coupled with powerful amplifier, they provide the sound experience that makes every party a memorable event. In any case they can not any modern boxing system candle to today.
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