Inflammation at the fingernail - what to do?

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Inflammation at the fingernail - what to do?

Small injuries can have dire consequences.

Inflammation at Paronychia arose quickly

Inflammation at the fingernail indicate the physicians as paronychia, which can develop as a result of seemingly banal injuries mostly. Any violation of the nail wall may have an entry of bacteria result, even a small stab or cut injury or a small mishap during the manicure. The paronychia is the most common infection in the hand and occurs more common in women.

  • Inflammation at the fingernail you recognize the fact that there is a painful and usually reddened swelling side of the nail.
  • The inflammation can also start with a rap of your finger, that particular night is noticeable and merges with marked pain without having first externally sees something.
  • If the inflammation in bloom, you can usually identify a pustule on the painful spot. Occasionally it may happen that the pustule empties spontaneously what once usually leads to a remission of symptoms.
  • You should be very cautious with self-treatment tests and especially not hang around on the finger or puncture the pustule itself.

Infections at the fingernail should be treated medically

Inflammatory changes of the finger or generally to the hand can cause a rapidly progressing infection, particularly when medical treatment is carried over unnecessarily.

  • When inflammation in the hand, you should always seek a medical examination and treatment.
  • Neglected infections of your fingernail can lead to destruction of the nail bed, which can have a permanent failure of the nail growth result. Even a seemingly banal infection can spread rapidly and cause a hand surgical emergency.
  • In the early stages of a paronychia, your doctor will prescribe initially a disinfecting action Finger bathrooms. As a rule, an antibiotic is required, which can prevent progression of infection with some luck.
  • Falls your infection nevertheless continued and it developed a purulent findings, you will need to cut open the pustule. This is usually done by a stun only the finger, if the purulent findings should be limited to the nail area. the inflammation over the finger or even the hand has been extended, a stun the whole arm must take place or even a short general anesthesia.
  • After a surgical treatment that removes the pus and dead tissue, your hand must be immobilized with a splint and you must regularly, in the first days after the operation daily, can check the results of your doctor.

In a seemingly banal inflammation of the nail should not hesitate to seek medical help, so that the progression of the infection can be inhibited may be. Is it already come to form a pus focus, this has to be treated surgically.

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