Inflate the tires from bicycle with compressor

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Inflate the tires from bicycle with compressor

inflate bicycle tires gently with a compressor

inflate the tire from the bicycle to the air pump, is sometimes very tedious and tiring. Much easier it is when you use a compressor for inflating is. However, you must consider some things.

This allows you to inflate bicycle tires with a compressor

  • Since the valves on the bicycle tires are slightly smaller than the valves of tires, the fitting of the tire filler of a compressor does not fit so easily. Therefore, you must first obtain the appropriate adapter. You get them in every bicycle shop for a few euros.
  • The adapter simply unscrew the existing valve stem. It is recommended that you only vigorously by hand, without tools, to attract. This has the advantage that they can remove the adapter in an emergency, if no compressor is present and can inflate the tire with hand air pump.
  • When pumping with a compressor press the connecting piece of the tire filler to adapter. Then flip to the locking lever so that the connector does not dissolve again.
  • The lever on the tire inflator You may press only very briefly. A compressor is namely in a short time a large amount of air from. Because in a bicycle tire fits only a small amount of air, it may burst soon if you do not go cautiously to work.
  • When inflating the tires, you must of course constantly monitor the pressure gauge on the tire inflator, so you stick to the recommended tire pressure. The permissible tire pressure is the way indicated on the tire sidewall. There you will find the values ​​for the minimum and maximum pressure.
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