ING-DiBa deposit insurance - Find out more

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ING-DiBa deposit insurance - Find out more

Your money is well protected Wilhelmine_Wulff_All_Silhouettes at ING-DiBa / Pixelio

General facts to secure the deposits in Germany

At ING-DiBa deposit guarantee is an individual guarantee deposits, but there are still a general, statutory regulated assurance.

  • The so-called statutory deposit guarantee (deposit guarantee) applies for credit, you may have as a customer in a savings account, a money market account, on the current account or a term deposit. Other forms of investment such as stocks or funds, however, are not protected by the legal deposit guarantee.
  • Up to a maximum amount of 100,000 euros your deposits even in the direct banking are protected by law, if the account is situated on one of the aforementioned types of accounts. The 100,000 euros are doing per customer. Even if the bank becomes insolvent, you are entitled to repayment of their invested capital.
  • The statutory deposit guarantee applies to the area of ​​the European Union, ie not only for German banks. Since it is a Dutch bank at ING-DiBa, the protection but also engages here because the Netherlands is a member of the European Union.

The special ING-DiBa deposit guarantee

  • In addition to the statutory deposit guarantee many banks do not have a private insurance of the deposits, as well as the ING-DiBa. The private ING-DiBa deposit insurance is independent of the legal regulations to see, but completely voluntary.
  • The maximum amount of credit that is protected by these private deposits guarantee from the bank is much higher, so the legal protection of a maximum of 100,000 euros per customer. In the direct banking securing is namely more than one billion euros, depending customer.
  • Secured, the inserts also at the direct bank of the Netherlands by a guarantee fund. So if you have deposited their deposits with the direct banking on a savings account, a savings account or on the current account, then your capital is protected up to a ten-figure sum.
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