ING-DiBa: The log-in to perform properly - how it works at the first use

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ING-DiBa: The log-in to perform properly - how it works at the first use

Online banking is becoming safer.

A current account at ING-DiBa is offered for free and is therefore very attractive. You can open the account through the Bank's website and consult by phone if you have questions or can not cope.

Getting a checking account at the ING-DiBa

  • Are you looking for a new partner for your banking transactions, you are probably already heard about the offer of ING-DiBa. The Bank offers a free checking account, to which a debit card and a credit card is linked.
  • You can open the account through the Bank's website. All documents will be sent by post. If you are not a customer of ING-DiBa, you must be legitimized by the post-ident method.
  • In the documents there is also a one-time code for the first Sign-in is at the bank. With this you define your Internet Banking PIN and DiBa-Key.

Setting When you first log into the data

  • Did you get the documents from the bank, you can log in to your current account for the first time. The first log-in with a single-use code that you found in the documents. You will be prompted to change this and additionally define a DiBa-Key.
  • The Internet banking PIN consists of five characters that you type on your keyboard. You will then be prompted to enter your DiBa-Key. This represents an additional protection against phishing, because you do not enter it from the keyboard, but click the mouse in a virtual numeric keypad.
  • The Internet banking PIN and DiBa-Key should be two different combinations of numbers. Remember this well and do not use it, to write it down somewhere. Thus, your DiBa log in securely.

Note that the ING-DiBa is a pure online bank. There is no branch network. Withdrawals you can make free with the VISA card, which is linked to the current account, perform worldwide at any ATM. All banking transactions you do online or by phone. The hotline is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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