Insect hotel - choose the location correctly

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Insect hotel - choose the location correctly

The house wall is a protected site. Grandpa_Humeh / Pixelio

Search insect in nature hideaway in old tree trunks, under the bark of trees or in hollow plant stems. Also stone and brushwood piles provide protection. In your own garden, you can set up an insect hotel. There are simple kits, which attract many beneficial insects in the right location.

Shelter for insects - Tips for the right location

Ideal is your insect hotel at a sheltered and sunny spot. The entry holes show best in the south. There may also be a different direction, but they should not point north.

It is important that the location of your hotel is dry. When it rains, the tubes and hiding places must not be wet. An overhanging roof provides the necessary protection against rain.

The height of your insect hotel plays a role: Do not put it on the ground. Correct the insects apartment is located raised, at least one meter above the ground. So it does not grow and the approach path for bumblebees, bees and Co remains free.

Provide in the vicinity of pollen-bearing plants to attract the insects. Butterflies like nettles, other animals prefer pollen from wild plants and native shrubs. Create a piece Wildwiese and it can be found soon many animals a.

On a terrace or balcony Insektenhotel can just stand and garden. Of the einfliegenden bees and wasps, you have nothing to fear. There are individually living animals that do not sting. They often appear only to lay their eggs.

To apply the correct location in summary the following rules:

  • dry and sunny place
  • Entry holes the south, east or west
  • Stand height about one meter high
  • Proximity to pollen-bearing plants

Residents of an insect house

Many solitary wasps and -bienen lay their eggs in hollow stems or in the holes in tree trunks or wooden discs. Some seek shelter in holes of bricks or masonry. Some make it, even to build the clay which, such as mason bees.

If you discover that some tubes or holes are closed, the first residents have gathered. In it the young of many beneficial organisms developed.

With straw-filled, open on one side of the container as cans attract earwigs. Also lacewings find in shelter, while the filling is not crammed too tightly. For lacewings as aphid there is a special Florfliegenkasten.

Insect hotel - choose the location correctly

Heike Nedo

On the right location will give you great joy insect house. It is an ideal place for nature watching.

build insect hotel itself

With simple means you can build yourself a variant. You need a frame, a rear wall, cardboard for the roof and materials for the interior.

As this framework can be an old drawer, a large apple-box or your own design from old boards residues. For the back wall and a rainproof cover roofing felt enough.

Align the dimensions according to what you have. The main thing is that the frame is filled at the end of materials that can serve as a shelter insects (see photo).

  1. Setting get. Organize an appropriate framework with rear wall and roof. Provide a rainproof cover.
  2. Collect Hollow stalks. For the interior you need different thickness hollow stalks. The soft marrow of elder and buddleia can be easily removed with a thin drill. Reed and bamboo stems are hollow in nature. Bring this to the correct length. It depends on the depth of the frame.
  3. In wooden discs drill holes. Many insects lay their eggs in holes in the wood. Drill it into existing wooden disks of different thickness and deep holes.
  4. Tins with straw fill. Fill one or two cans with straw. It can for example be plastic cups. Use additional bricks with holes, if any. The holes are popular accommodations for wild bees and Co.
  5. Stack material in the frame. This material is then brought into the frame. The heavy stones come down, the wooden discs and about follow everything is easier. Gaps fill in with clay, hollow stems or straw.
  6. Rabbit wire attach as protection. Secure to protect against birds your insect hotel with a chicken wire.

Who does not have wooden discs, she leaves out. Even bricks are not absolutely necessary. Take advantage of the materials that are available. The picture shows how you can use pine cones. Even with an imperfect Insektenhotel many mason bees, earwigs, solitary wasps, bumblebees and other beneficial organisms is helped.

Do not hesitate to set up an insect hotel. In the right location, it's a great help. The more beneficial organisms you settle in the garden, the less will be a problem pests.

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