Insert a photo into an image - so it is possible

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Insert a photo into an image - so it is possible

Photos quickly paste it into another image. Janine / Pixelio

Insert photo with Paint

The quickest way to insert a photo into an image by making it with the already installed Windows image editor Paint.

  1. Please start Paint. Click for first on "Start" and then "Programs" and then select "Accessories", select "Paint" from.
  2. Now First, open the image in which you want to insert the picture. Just click on either "File" and then click "open" or press Ctrl + O.
  3. Then select the desired image and click on the bottom right on "Open".
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for the picture you want to insert.
  5. If the image should be larger than the image, press Ctrl + W in and out on the picture to the desired size by reducing either the number of pixels or percentage.
  6. Then select the entire photo with the key combination Ctrl + A, then press Ctrl + C to copy the selected area.
  7. Then open the window with the picture in which you want to insert the picture.
  8. Now press Ctrl + V to paste the copied photo.
  9. Then, the photo is copied to the image. You can now move to the desired location and possibly even reduce, by clicking on the small squares at the corners of the photo and then drag with the mouse inside this photo.
  10. So that you do not save the old image with the new image, click "File" "Save As", enter a new name for the image and click on "Save".

Editing an image with Gimp

Alternatively, you can also use the free image editing software Gimp, with the quick copy also photos also can use many other effects and filters.

  1. Download this software from the Gimp website and install them.
  2. Then start Gimp.
  3. Then open each image and the picture by pressing either Ctrl + O or click "Open" under "File".
  4. If your photo is larger than the image, you should reduce this first before you copy it to the image. First, click "Image" to "image scale", type in "Image Size" to the desired pixel value, and then click the "scaling".
  5. To copy the photo, click "Select" "Select all" and press the key combination Ctrl + C.
  6. Then click on the window of your image and press to insert your photos Ctrl + V.
  7. To move the picture, press the M button and drag the photo to the desired location.
  8. If you subsequently want to still shrink the photo, click the "Level" to "Scale Layer" and change the pixel value to your liking.
  9. If you want the pasted photo somewhat transparent, you can do this "Opacity" in the right range. To do this, drag the slider to the left to increase transparency or enter the percentage you want.
  10. Other effects and filters - such as a rotary-effect or blur - find each "Effects" or "Filter".
  11. To save the new image, click "File" "Save As", enter a different file name to avoid overwriting the old image, and click on "Save".
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