insert plugs technique correctly - that you should be aware

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insert plugs technique correctly - that you should be aware

The right dowel technology for every masonry

Dowel to hold very well, as they often have to carry heavy objects. A well-filled wall cupboard in the kitchen may fall under any circumstances - here dowels and screws must bomb stuck in the wall. To apply anchor engineering stable and secure, you must first analyze the masonry.

In that masonry is the anchor?

Decisive for the correct use of Anchors the texture of the masonry is: In old brick walls you need other anchors and drills used as in plasterboard or concrete.

  • If you are not sure if it is very soft or hard masonry, drill initially quite gently and without impact. In Lochsteinen could happen namely that the webs break off when impact drilling.
  • The drills size corresponds to the subsequent anchor size.
  • If the drill extremely easily, it is a soft building material of the wall.
  • If you do not move forward in the normal rotation gear of the drill, turn to the percussion.
  • Also the debris on: Is it red, then you are dealing with a brick wall. White debris are found usually in walls of limestone, it is gray, it is a concrete wall.

What Anchors should apply?

  • In old solid brick walls anchors often disappear - they would not be exceedingly long and well accordingly. For this you should use expansion anchors. These are available in plastic or brass.
  • For plasterboard, you can - depending on how much weight must bear the dowel - spring toggle bolts, use purpose fixings of plastic or metal cavity wall plugs.
  • In walls made of normal or lightweight concrete can be used most easily anchor engineering. For lighter items you can use normal purpose fixings, heavy cabinets should be dowelled here with Messingspreizd├╝beln or anchors.
  • The correct screw size is more difficult to determine, since it depends also here on the masonry and to be mounted object.
  • Generally one can say that the screws must not be too small, but a 6 mm screw (diameter) for 6 dowels should fit. At the appropriate length nor the mounting member must be considered.
  • not so with the cordless screwdriver - - Turn the screw initially manually into it and see if the anchor is fully seated. Only for the last bit, use the cordless screwdriver.
  • Test whether screws and dowels keeping well by trying to shake it and drag with as much power forward and down.
  • Wackelt the screw and sliding the dowel in one direction, then you should pull him out to safety again, using a slightly larger expansion anchors.

To use the Anchors to attach to walls particularly heavy objects, you are best advised by a professional or handyman with a lot of experience. It is about their own safety, and to avoid serious injury from falling objects.

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