Insert ring binder binding in itself prepared folder - how it works

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Insert ring binder binding in itself prepared folder - how it works

A ring binder binding You can attach itself.

You want to use a ring binder binding in your folder itself produced? Observe the following advice to obtain a clean and satisfactory result.

Select the correct ring Bookbinding

First, it makes sense to completely finish the folder with bookbinding technology. Thus you can be sure to buy the right ring binder binding.

  • This should not be the same as the book spine. Depending on how many rings should have the binding, the binding is located either in the center or ranges up to max. 10 mm from the edge of the folder.
  • Ring Binder bonds can be found in well-stocked stationery stores or at many craft or hobby supplies stores on the Internet.

Preparations prior to the attachment of the binding

First, you must consider where the ring binder binding is to be applied. There are two possibilities: Either fix the bond at the bottom of the folder or the folder back. For larger folder is always advisable to bring the ring binder binding the folder bottom to ensure an uncomplicated leaves.

  1. Now you need to set markers or the mounting holes. Take carefully the time and measure completely so the ring binder binding is straight and centered attached. Most ring binder bonds are attached with rivets, so that a later correction is no longer possible.
  2. If the ring binder binding parallel and centered, draw these best sides and mark the holes for the rivets.

Attaching the ring binder binding

  1. Most ring binder bonds simple rivets are supplied. These can be mounted without special riveting pliers. However, you must first attach a punch small holes at the marked locations in the box of your folder. Only then you can insert the rivets without problems. Please make sure that you attach outside the beautiful counterpart of the rivets, the semi-circular head, the folder.
  2. Then set the counterpart of the rivets - the one with the recess from the inside. Now you can see the rivets, best using a center punch, fasten. Put the seeds on top of the rivet and then look it gently with a hammer firmly. Place the folder but necessarily on a soft surface so as not to scratch the rivets while batting.
  3. Have you secured the first rivet, go to the other side before the same.

If you want to use a ring binder binding in your folder itself prepared, follow these instructions and you will achieve a satisfactory result. Try it out.

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