Insolvency registers - so you get an information

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Insolvency registers - so you get an information

Register insight only with justified interest Gerd Altmann / Pixelio

The publication of insolvencies in the local newspapers was set several years ago. Given a number of 40.000 bankruptcies every year in Germany and the increasing number of consumer insolvencies it no longer appeared on budget to publish any insolvency proceedings in this way.

Insolvency Register is publicly available

  • According to § 9 Insolvenzordnung insolvencies be still public. Bankruptcy announcements are published centrally and across countries electronically on behalf of all federal states on a special website of the Ministry of Justice of North Rhine-Westphalia.
  • On this website you can by entering the personal data of the company or the person about whom you need information, inspect the insolvency register.
  • You will find information on the application of insolvency proceedings, its rejection for lack of assets, its opening and ending.

Details only at the local district court

  • For further information on details of the insolvency proceedings are not set out in the Insolvency Register. In this case, you need to contact the locally competent insolvency court. They can give personal information, if you are self proceedings or make at least a legal interest in such information submitted.
  • The insolvency register is updated several times a day.
  • According to the list of debtors Regulation insolvency applications that have been rejected for lack of, also entered in the debtors register with the local district courts. There, too, you have to show a legitimate interest, if you wish to obtain information.
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