install cat flap in the balcony door - so it goes

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install cat flap in the balcony door - so it goes

A bit of freedom for the domestic cat. Markus Stach / Pixelio

securely install a cat flap in the balcony door

If the balcony door provided with a cat flap, arise advantages for the cat and for their holders.

  • The cat may decide when it considers a stay on the balcony for attached.
  • Especially during the cold season, the stuck-open the balcony door is thus avoided as cats doors not usually close behind him.
  • The keeping closed the balcony door may have a positive effect on the heating costs in winter quite.

Detailed planning and appropriate tools facilitate installation

The incorporation of the cat flap can be made both off as well as hinged balcony door. Experience shows that the construction work in the off-hook state are somewhat easier to perform.

  1. The door will be posted and for example placed on two sawhorses. Thus under the balcony door is enough clearance for the saw blade of the jigsaw.
  2. Now the position of the cat flap is set. In the lower door area whose center and the flap template be determined using the meter stick. Between the lower edges of the balcony door and the flap of at least 15 centimeters must remain distance. Thus the stability of the door is ensured.
  3. It follows the laying of the template, which is brought into balance by using a spirit level. Using a pencil, the contours are redrawn.
  4. With the drill and a drill bit, the size of which must correspond to the saw blade of the jigsaw, two holes are diagonally - drilled within the stencil outline - top right and bottom left.
  5. The jigsaw is then recognized in one of the holes and cut out the area for the cat flap along the template lines.
  6. The front half of the flap, which includes the holes for the mounting will now be placed on the sawed place the door and aligned with the spirit level. The screws are fixed by means of a screwdriver or the screwdriver, then the Dekokappen be attached.
  7. Now the balcony door is turned and cleaned by sawing and drilling dust.
  8. Now only the paper strip of double-sided tape need to be removed on the back half of the cat flap. This half is then firmly pressed against the sawn part in the door.
  9. Finally, the balcony door is hooked again.

After installing the cat flap in the balcony door

  • The tool used should be thoroughly cleaned from the drilling and sawdust.
  • Many cat flaps models feature called hard or setting functions. With the locking function, the flap is closed and the cat can not leave the apartment. The adjustment function makes it possible to release the flap in one direction only. So the animal can either only on the balcony or from the balcony back into the room. If the flap include these functions, it must be kept in mind before buying.
  • Cat flaps do not cause loud noises. Nevertheless, it will be possible to perceive the training and taking the cat by a small rattling.
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