Install Labtec Cam driver - so it'll work

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Install Labtec Cam driver - so it'll work

Labtec Webcams need a working driver.

The webcams Labtec

  • Labtec by the manufacturer, there is a relatively large number of webcams and these can be used for various purposes. The cameras work fine as a rule under any Windows operating system and have a high quality. The design of products is modern and attractive and visually make the cameras definitely a good figure.
  • In addition to cameras, the manufacturer Labtec sells even keyboards, mice, headsets and speakers, and these products have a high quality. On the manufacturer's website you will find not only detailed information about the products, but also the appropriate drivers.
  • So that the driver software also works without problems or can be installed at all, you should bring your Windows definitely up to date and, above all, DirectX and update your Internet Explorer.

To install the appropriate driver

  1. Visit. First as the manufacturer Labtec the website
  2. Click the upper left menu on "Support".
  3. On the new page, click the top center on the "Downloads" and choose "Cameras" from.
  4. On the left side you see all webcams manufacturer. Choose from this list of your product.
  5. Have you found the product, so you just have to "Download" button and save the software on your computer.
  6. Click on the downloaded file and start the driver installation. This is done very easily and in a few minutes. You should then restart the operating system.
  7. Now you can use your webcam without problems.
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