Install on Windows 7 system builder - how it works

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Install on Windows 7 system builder - how it works

easily install System Builder Windows

There are two ways to install the version of System Builder Windows 7: On the one hand this can be done as an upgrade from Windows Vista, on the other hand, you can install it as a completely new operating system. For the upgrade version you start the installation directly from the CD, without having to previously change the boot settings in the BIOS.

Before installing Windows 7

  1. If you want to use 7 System Builder as a new installation on your computer Windows and still has no operating system on the system disk, the boot settings need to change from the hard disk to CD first in the BIOS.
  2. there is no operating system installed on your computer, so you should first try to start from the CD, insert it and then restart the computer. Most here is selecting "Run from CD" appears, which you then confirm.
  3. If this function is not available, so you look for when starting on the display. Most of the words' To enter SETUP press Del "appears. In the case, press the "Del" key. Note that sometimes the BIOS must also be invoked by "F2".
  4. Inside the BIOS, now go to the "Boot" option. Note that you must use to navigate the mouse buttons. Select "CD-ROM" and press as long as the plus button (+) until the entry appears at the top. Now save the settings, insert the Windows CD and restart the computer to begin the installation.

Installing System Builder

  1. As is booted directly from the CD after rebooting, already the Installation Manager from Windows 7 System Builder appears shortly thereafter. Here you select zun├Ącht "Install". Next, the version is displayed, which is on the CD but will be installed.
  2. For a new installation select "Custom", since no operating system, which is needed for an upgrade is installed. Now select the partition (disk), to be on which Windows 7 is installed.
  3. It now will be a warning that is formatted this partition and lose existing data. As for a new installation, no data should be present, you can confirm this. Now leads the Installation Manager through the installation, which should be completed within a few minutes.
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