installing water meter in the apartment - you should note

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installing water meter in the apartment - you should note

Water meters need to be replaced regularly.

Water meter installed - possible reasons

The main reason for a water meter installation is the correct allocation of consumption to the respective customers. This is done for the first time in the control when creating or interior of the accommodation. Over the useful life of an apartment various reasons can cause the installing a new water meter (blank) must.

  • The most common reason for replacing water meters is the expiry of the verification period. In this case, your water supplier, on its own initiative and for free, install a new water meter.
  • Another reason to be installing a water meter, is the change in the manner of use of premises. If you want to change, for example, your basement into a separate apartment and subsequently rent, you need a correct detection of water consumption for your utility bill.
  • A mostly avoidable reason frost damage to water meters. In this case you have yourself or a craftsman of your choice, remove the zerfrorene water meter and installing a new one. If, however, the Hauptwasseruhr, you must inform your water supplier and this will then send you someone of the clock exchanges and reseal. Only outright intermediate meter you may install itself.

So you can install a water meter as an intermediate counter itself

If you want, for any reason whatsoever, replace a sub-metering and installing a new water meter, this is easy to implement, as a rule. If you need to turn off the main valve and other countries affected by the water shut off, it would be very polite to inform all parties concerned in advance about it. The exchanges take ideally proceed as follows:

  1. Before you start with the installing, check that the new water meter matches the old. It is particularly important that both the length of the watch as well as the thread match.
  2. Interrupt the water supply, by turn all relevant stop cocks.
  3. Insert your way suitable open-end wrench, the Teflon tape and especially a fitting under the screw vessel for collecting dripping water.
  4. Ask. The pan under the water meter
  5. Now loosen before the union nuts and after the water meter.
  6. Remove the old clock and the old gasket material.
  7. Wrap now the screw threads with plenty of Teflon tape. Make sure that you do not wind up in opposition to the direction of screwing the Teflon tape. Push it otherwise screwing together again by the thread guide.
  8. Now you can install the new water meter and tighten both union nuts by hand. Then tighten the screw with the wrenches firmly.
  9. Open the stop cocks and check that the screw connections are tight. Normally, this should be the case. If not you need to either tighten the union nuts fixed, or, if this is not enough, use more Teflon tape.

As you can see, you can quite easily install a new water meter itself.

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