Instead hole glasses - so manage your Augentraining

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Instead hole glasses - so manage your Augentraining

Eye exercises relax revised eyes.

Both hole glasses and eye training strengthen the eye muscles. An improvement in vision has not been scientifically proven. An attempt can not hurt, at least in the eye exercises, whereas when using a hole glasses quite undesirable side effects.

Eye training can similar to a hole glasses act

The following exercises to strengthen and relax the eye muscles.

  1. Sit comfortably on a chair or a cushion on the floor. Back and neck are relaxed erected.
  2. Look now, without moving the head, one to the left outside and after a few seconds to the right outside. Repeat the movement until the ocular muscles tire a little.
  3. Rub in connection both palms together until they are warm. Then flex the palm slightly and place over the eyeballs, without touching it. Feel for at least 30 seconds, as the warmth of the hands radiates to the eyes and the eye muscles relax.
  4. In the second part of the eye exercise, you look up and down rather than left and right. Preheat the debate again the eyeballs.
  5. Finally, let your eyes very slowly clockwise and then revolve in the opposite direction. Relax afterwards his eyes again.

Eye exercise for vision

This exercise the ciliary muscle, which is responsible for setting the vision.

  1. The starting position is the same as in the first eye exercise.
  2. Now lift one arm and stretch centrally him at shoulder height from. The thumb is extended upward.
  3. Look now - as well as it is possible for you - on your nose. Then focus the views thumbs and after a point ahead in the distance, as by looking out the window. Thereafter, the view goes back to the thumb and back of the nose. Repeat this sequence until the eye muscles get tired a bit.
  4. Finally, the eyes are using the hands warmed and relaxed as described above.

Run this Augentraining daily if possible, in order to strengthen and relax your eye muscles. Especially after long reading, driving or VDU the exercises are very beneficial.

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