Instructions - cut beech hedge

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Instructions - cut beech hedge

A sharp pair of scissors is the nuts and bolts to the beech hedge to cut beautifully.

  1. First you should check if there are in your hedgerow nesting or breeding birds, which may be the case until the beginning of October. If so, everyone is strongly discouraged by the immediate cutting of the hedge, as this will endanger the lives of birds. Then wait just to early October with the cutting or inquire about the applicable for your room Bird Protection Act.

Cut a hornbeam hedge properly

Now it is yet another feature of your box hedge out: have a hornbeam hedge (Carpinus betulus) or a beech hedge (Fagus sylvatica)? If it is the former, you proceed as follows:

  1. Cut your hedge should, at best, twice a year. The first time around on St. John, which corresponds to the time around the 24th of June. The second time in the fall.
  2. Pull over her gardening gloves. Depending on the size and lignification your box hedge should you decide between a normal hedge trimmer and an electrically operated. not Reach the state the top shoots, then stand on a stepladder. Ensure that their manager is fixed and does not wobble.
  3. Fashion in the sun, do not forget to raise a hat and make enough breaks in between.
  4. First, trim the hedge book from top to bottom to the desired size and shape. Cut it slowly, section by section, because hedge shears are sharp and a careless cut can lead to a large hole in your hedge.
  5. To cut straight, you can make use of a string, you simply stretch horizontally over the hedge and therefore have a good overview of the cutting path.
  6. Then cut off the protruding side shoots, which you should make sure that your box hedge tapers upwards. That is, you should cut up somewhat narrower than the bottom. This has the advantage that then die3 lower leaves even get enough light and no bald patches occur.

Cut a beech hedge properly

  1. In a beech hedge, you need a little earlier start cutting. Early in the year, before the first leaves appear, you should lop. And then in July a second time. Or go here just before as described above.
  2. Of interest might be added that the cutaway foliage also kleingehexelt well suited as fertilizer for the hedge. Sprinkle it easy on the ground under the beech hedge.
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