Insulation between rafters attach - a guide

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Insulation between rafters attach - a guide

A rafter insulation creates new living space. Rainer Sturm / Pixelio

Constantly rising energy costs, insulation in the attic sense. With insulation mats of mineral or wood fiber, sheep wool, cotton or hemp, the attic can be transformed into attractive living space. The insulation between the rafters, it is flash.

Rafter insulation with insulating mats

Some materials, such as the popular and inexpensive mineral fiber, but when processing an unpleasant dust, the itch on the skin and can get into the lungs, where it does not belong. Avoid wearing when attaching a dust mask. The insulation thickness should be at least 20 cm. Are the rafters is not wide enough, it is possible to screw the battens to the roof beams.

  1. Put a precaution a dust mask on and wear gloves.
  2. Screw, if the thickness of the rafters is not sufficient battens in appropriate depth.
  3. Cut sheets of insulation mats with the cutting blade or a sharp bread knife along a board in the appropriate length. The insulation mat should - depending on the material - be about 2 cm wider than the distance between the rafters, so it fits tightly between the rafters and can no longer fall out.
  4. Pinch insulation mats tightly between the rafters. Make sure when insulation between the rafters that there are no gaps, in particular at ports and fireplace in the ridge area. There arise otherwise thermal bridges and energy is lost.

When insulation between the rafters, the vapor barrier is not forgotten

A rafter insulation is only as good as their vapor barrier. This prevents moisture from entering from the living room into the insulation. The vapor barrier must be carefully glued.

  1. Tacking the vapor barrier with the staple gun so to the rafters or the battens that the film overlaps about 10 cm.
  2. Glue the film with special rubber sealing at the joints, so that no air or moisture can penetrate.
  3. Apply now to connect areas to the gable to. Use silicone there for bonding the film to the masonry or use a specially suitable sealing tape.
  4. Attach the film in the edge region with a batten, the screwing either the rafter or brickwork with a cordless screwdriver. Thus, the film can not solve.
  5. Finally, you should stick in the window area as a precaution, a second film layer.

The cheapest material for the insulation between the rafters is not always the best. Do you value the highest possible heat protection and an ecologically sound product, you should choose wood fiber mats, also still ensure a very good noise protection.

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