Insurance in Wasserrohrbruch - you should note

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Insurance in Wasserrohrbruch - you should note

The insurance company pays the broken water pipe. Rainer_Sturm / Pixelio

There are circulating always many rumors that after a burst water pipe are problems with the payment of insurance. but there is an insurance contract for a building and contents insurance, the damage shall be borne when note several things.

Report the broken water pipe immediately

  1. Once you notice a broken water pipe, you must immediately close the main water line. As policyholder, you are obliged to keep the damage as small as possible.
  2. Then you need to remove furniture and other valuables from the flooded area and store in a dry place.
  3. You must inform your insurance company about the damage case then of course necessarily. For this purpose usually ranges from a phone call.
  4. It is then sent by the insurance a verifier who receives the damage. Some insurance companies also accept a report by the local craftsmen. This should however absolutely check with your insurance company.
  5. After the damage report was received and forwarded to the insurance company, you can begin to repair the broken water pipe and to eliminate the damages.

What is covered by insurance?

  • The the defective water pipe repair is not covered by your insurance. Insurance usually pay only the damage caused by the burst water pipe.
  • If you need somewhere to accommodate differently during the renovations your furniture, transport and warehouses for rent are also paid by the insurance.
  • Should your home be temporarily uninhabitable, most insurance companies cover the cost of your accommodation in a guesthouse or another apartment.
  • Furthermore, of course, the cost of drying the apartment are covered by the insurance. You are even the electricity costs incurred for the drying equipment refunded.
  • If your furniture is still repairable, and these costs will be paid. If a repair is impossible or uneconomic, you the value will be returned. Some insurance companies reimburse the case even when new. Furthermore, you can check in your insurance contract.
  • The wallpapering, painting and laying a new floor is of course also covered by insurance.
  • You should note that only the state can be restored, which prevailed before the burst water clear. For example, if laid a carpet in the living room, you will pay for a broken water pipe no parquet flooring insurance.

A broken water pipe is about the worst thing that can happen. When this is well protected by a proper insurance against such loss suffered only minor expenses. The stress caused by the burst pipe, you can but no decrease.

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