Internal cover letter - convince you with your recent activity

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Internal cover letter - convince you with your recent activity

Internal References promote career. Benjamin_Thorn / Pixelio

An internal application must very similar requirements as an application of those outside the company. You should not assume that all Competent already know you and your services as well.

display your skills in the cover letter

  • An internal cover letter is usually then questioned when vacancies are advertised in other departments that are located in the same company and in which a position is to be occupied, which shows resemblance to your current job.
  • Therefore, you usually have with the person who reads your internal application letter, not directly worked, so that it does not know your previous jobs precisely.
  • Even if there has been a little more closely, you should describe your skills you nevertheless, because terminating decide other executives in the company.
  • Your cover letter should they take it, what skills you have that Ask had previously held, and also explain in particular what your responsibilities in the current department. Of course, the contents of which are particularly important, having parallels to the advertised position.

Your internal letter - that you should be aware

  • In your cover letter, you can indicate why you are applying for the position. However, it is not appropriate to comment negatively about the current department or the current tasks, it can "make the rounds" within a company quickly.
  • Instead, you should emphasize positive aspects of the new location, such that you want to develop your skills there that you want to put into practice the theoretical knowledge for a specific training in a similar field or want to work even after moving to a branch that is closer to your Location is.
  • Even if you know the contact person who conducts an internal bidding process, but you should not be amicably address this. Many HR managers perceive this in a cover letter as untrustworthy. Therefore, choose a formal salutation such as "Dear Mr. XY" because often read other party to your application.
  • Right at the beginning of the letter the possibility to respond to the recent activities, such as: "Currently I work in the department XY and responsible for A, B and C". Your current supervisor, you can specify after consultation with this as a reference for your internal letter.
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