International fashion magazines - Overview

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International fashion magazines - Overview

Most well-known fashion magazine Vogue lives by demanding photo shoots.

Vogue, Elle and Cosmopolitan - historic success Sheets for Fashion

The Vogue is one of the most famous international fashion magazines, where they can be had locally in national versions.

  • The Vogue was but once little more than a New York weekly. Arthur Turnure gave the first output end of the 19th century out, where it was originally intended as a weekly report on the high society and their fashion trends.
  • The Audience High Society has quickly expanded from, just limiting the reporting to the United States. Even a few decades later Nast took over the magazine, presented women as editors in chief and brought the magazine now every 14 days out, said he hired the best photographers in the world for their beauty categories.
  • The German Vogue was first published in 1928. A little later, already production was stopped, however, again for reasons of cost, where only the wild 70s the project German Vogue from the seat of Munich enabled permanently. A little later, went out of vogue concept forth its own fashion concept for the man known as GQ today.
  • In more than 15 countries around the world, the Vogue today appears in its own execution. Fashion editorials, interviews, portraits and beauty tips are what makes the Vogue today. Hardly a magazine has to be as much of an impact on style and society as the Decade old magazine.
  • Similarly influential as the Vogue today is the international fashion magazine Elle. Similarly, the Vogue Elle appears as a national edition monthly in Germany and France, the international Elle can look back on a long history.
  • In 1945, the fashion magazine was founded in France, where the concept was not only limited to fashion and beauty. In fact, it looked mainly focused on lifestyle. Quick began Elle in that sense, to set their own trends, rather than merely to report on international prevailing trends. Today, Elle appears in more than 90 countries, where it has 40 different editions.

Both Vogue and Elle set trends, influence the fashion world and wish to forward their High Concept particularly at sophisticated women. Can the Vogue look back on a long history, the Elle is her sales today but not after.

Cosmopolitan, Joy and glamor - fashion magazines focusing Lifestyle

Are Elle and Vogue definitely the most famous international fashion magazines, so there are still far from the only ones. Among the most successful magazines recently hour include, for example Cosmopolitan, Joy and glamor.

  • One of the most famous fashion magazines recently hour is the international Joy, which appears now in more than 15 different countries. The target group of the magazine are mainly women over 25 who are already in the midst of life.
  • In addition to fashion and beauty Joy focuses mainly stars and starlets. Gossip play a role, if not the highest. Lifestyle is bringing the Joy trying to score points, and what has made it since the first edition in 1995 ranked among the most popular international fashion magazines deserve.
  • Similarly, the "Glamour" the themes of fashion, beauty and lifestyle adopted. Headquartered in the US, the glamor in the 30s wanted first report about Hollywood glamor, to the name of the newspaper was changed and extended range of subjects finally released in 2001 as an international women's magazine about lifestyle in 15 different countries.
  • A lifestyle magazine, published similar to the fashion magazine Vogue already too late 19th century, is the international Cosmopolitan. Was it initially to a literary and cultural journal, so was that half a century later to a typical women's magazine focusing on fashion, beauty, relationships and profession, where 1980 saw the first German edition of the newspaper.
  • The Cosmopolitan is here today less understood than pure fashion magazine rather than lifestyle magazine that would appeal to a young and less demanding public, as for example above Vogue and Elle.

The list of international fashion and lifestyle magazines exhausted far from the introduction of Vogue, Elle, Cosmopolitan, Glamour and Joy. But can be summarized that the five mentioned today, at least among the most successful of its kind.

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