Interview for paralegal - so you prepare to

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Interview for paralegal - so you prepare to

An interview is to be well prepared.

Whether as a career starter or an old hand: a preparation from the interview is announced in any case.

Preparing for the interview

  • If you are invited to an interview, you have already mastered the first hurdle when applying: Your documents and certificates as paralegal were so convincing that your potential employer now wants to gain an accurate impression of you.
  • In the interview process then moves to convince your counterpart from the fact that he will cooperate with you successfully. But not only the technical qualifications is crucial but it comes especially to your social skills at. These are currently playing in a law firm a big role, because you have there a lot of contact with clients are seeking advice.
  • Most firms now have its own registry website. This should definitely watch the interview in advance, because this often is also a statement about the "firm philosophy" hit, you can share should.
  • Also, it makes a big difference whether you apply to become a paralegal in an international law firm or a single firm. You should be able to justify the interview, why did you just picked this firm.
  • In a law firm you would probably associated with a particular department, and then it may be necessary to have the required expertise - for example, certain deadlines - to come.

Paralegal in general or specialist firm

  • Maybe you apply indeed in a technically oriented individual firm, for example, a lawyer specializing in family law. You should then be able to justify your interest in this particular specialist orientation in their interview.
  • Especially in a family law firm aligned you must expect that you meet clients in an emotional emergency situation, when it comes to divorce proceedings or child of things about. You should you ask during the interview your empathy test.
  • The best way to prepare for the interview as a paralegal is a thorough collection of information about your possible future employer. In addition, you should be able to provide information about your particular strengths and interests, but also to your weaknesses.

If possible, you should keep the day before the interview dates and take a long walk, which helps to calm your nerves.

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