Intestinal tube - Declaration of the concept, application and operation

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A defecation with a rectal tube before surgery. Dieter_Schütz / Pixelio

What is a rectal tube?

  • The term intestinal tube, the physician sees a tube of thick depending on the application and the person being treated, about 20 to 40 centimeters long and about a finger. In children, smaller and longer in adults intestine pipes are used.
  • It is soft and flexible, made of PVC, plastic or silicone, and is intended for single use. In earlier times they were not made of rubber, metal or glass.
  • That had the sense that the intestinal tubes were used after each use again. However, in a cleaned, disinfected and then sterilized condition.
  • Today they are disposed of separately after each use.

When applied a rectal tube?

  • It is used for diagnosis and therapy. Therapeutically, it is mainly for complete emptying of the bowel before surgery, before birth, with strong flatulence to derive the gases or in the inability to empty the bowel contents and for colonic irrigation is used.
  • For diagnostic purposes, this method of analysis is applied to all investigations into the intestine. For example, a colonoscopy.

How does a rectal tube?

  • In a rinsing or emptying liquid is introduced into the intestine. This remains at least 30 minutes up to several hours in the intestine.
  • The introduction of the alimentary canal is a little uncomfortable but painless.
  • Thus, the introduced fluid flows out again immediately, the attached drain hose is blocked with a clamp.
  • Your doctor will inform you prior to the procedure in any case in detail about everything you need.
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