invited to Bayram festival - keep the traditions

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invited to Bayram festival - keep the traditions

Sweets are Bayram always popular.

The two most important celebrations of Islam are the three-day Eid al-Fitr and the four day Festival of Sacrifice. In traditional families, both Parties are committed on a large scale and invited many guests to give as gifts to be pleased to share the life and its culture and keeps the traditions alive. Learn how matters with these two celebrations on itself.

Ramazan Bayram finished Lent

  • called the three-day Eid al-Fitr, and Eid al-Fitr or Ramazan Bayram, stopped for 1.3 billion Muslims the month of Ramadan. This second most important celebration of Islam is celebrated with sweets gifts and therefore often called Sugar Festival.
  • Kids kissing as of respect parents and elders hand and in return receive candy or small gifts of money.
  • On holidays you can large-scale banquets organized, inviting relatives and good friends or make relationship out.
  • Do not forget to each bring candy. Flowers also own the way, nowadays as a gift.
  • As welcoming you wish each other a "Merry Christmas".
  • Community prayer in mosques is one usually also.
  • During Ramazan Bayram is the way the "Night of Power", that is, the revelation of the Koran to Mohammed, the prophet, and celebrated the previous Lent represents the fulfillment of the divine commandment Fast and reciting the Quran.

The Festival of Sacrifice Kurban is the most important celebration

  • Kurban Bayram lasts four days. On the first day the sacrifice is distributed to the needy in the evening. On the second day the children visit the elderly and bring them small gifts. On the third day equip the elderly to the children out from. And on the fourth day there will be a big family celebration with friends and relatives.
  • This sacrificial festival takes place 70 days after the Ramazan Bayram. The Kurban festival celebrates the memory of the sacrifice of Abraham who wanted to sacrifice his son.
  • If you want to organize a traditional Kurban Bayram, you should as appropriate rite also prepare a sheep or a sheep. In many families, the meat is given away to friends and even neighbors.
  • If Kurban Bayram hard you should dress festive, somewhat as if you want to go to the opera or the theater.
  • The apartment is usually decorated festively with beautiful tablecloths, flowers, candles and flower arrangements.
  • As a gift to recommend candy or other sweets.
  • In many Turkish shops or on the market, there is a lucky charm as trailers that do not cost much and as symbolic favors are always very welcome.
  • Even clothing gifts are common, such as a particularly beautiful scarf or a soft falling headscarf.
  • to give children money, is always popular, you stick to a maximum value of five euros.
  • In many modern Muslim families the Bayram festival is also celebrated as easy four-day party to which you can take (apart from alcohol and pork) on your mood, whatever you want.
  • What should definitely be doing but is a lamb with sauce which is eaten with pita bread. You can do also offer a millet salad.
  • As snacks you should ask several bowls with nuts, dates, figs or other dried fruits on the board.
  • Similarly, roasted chickpeas, pistachios and peanuts are.

Both Bayram feasts are in the Christian era movable holidays, the exact dates of the holidays are in the Islamic calendar fix that does not equal runs with the Christian Gregorian calendar. The Islamic calendar is taking compared to the Gregorian about eleven days of the year a "reverse migration" of the Solar year. Therefore, at any time take place in both the hard Ramazan Bayram and Kurban Bayram the festival.

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