iOS 6: AppStore error after update - please fix the problem

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iOS 6: AppStore error after update - please fix the problem

After an update of iOS 6, there are often problems with the AppStore.

If a connection error when opening the AppStore appear after an upgrade from iOS 6, so this is usually due to the date or time setting. If you no longer can buy applications from the store out, often already sufficient to log off to eliminate the problem. You should then search for updates to ensure that you can use all the applications again.

iOS 6 can not connect to

Error messages such as "connect to app store not possible" or even the problem that the shop after opening "hangs" and closes again, mainly occur after an update of iOS. 6

  1. First, you should at a connection error check the settings for the date and time of your device. Here's the "Set automatically" is enabled, disable it. Ask both the date and the time manually. Make sure that in the years specified the current year appears.
  2. Next, check whether it is possible again to perform updates or to open the AppStore. Should this be the case, then the settings can be set to "Automatic" again.

Error message when you purchase from the AppStore

  1. It may happen that you can download free applications from the AppStore Although, however, paid apps can not be obtained because the connection is interrupted or the message that no account is deposited.
  2. Just after an update of iOS 6, it is advisable here to log on setting AppStore the deposited account before signing up again. If display errors occurred, this should also be fixed subsequently.
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