iPod Touch 4G battery life - so simple it can be extended

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iPod Touch 4G battery life - so simple it can be extended

The right Headphones have a positive effect on the battery life.

increase battery life by choosing Settings, Apps and Software

  • WiFi, GPS and Bluetooth are de biggest energy guzzlers. WLAN You will need not always, when you are traveling. Can you do without it for a few hours, so it already pays to turn off the Wi-Fi reception. You can set this> regulator to "o" in "Settings"> "Wireless". Bluetooth can be disabled "Bluetooth" using the "Settings">. The GPS module, you may need while traveling more often, for example, for navigation apps for public transport, sports apps with GPS connection and stuff more. However, you are not this for all apps that are listed, need. Just go to "Settings"> "Privacy"> "Location Services". If the control is set to "I", then they are turned on. You can turn off the location service completely on or off individually for the mentioned apps.
  • Thanks to multitasking can run in the background numerous apps. But these also consume power when you do not use this. To increase the battery life of your iPod Touch 4G, you should regularly close any apps that are located in the taskbar and you do not need at the moment. By double-clicking the Home button opens the Taskbar. There you go on any app and hold longer. There appear minus sign, you have to click to close the app.
  • Minimize the use of push messages. All sorts of apps and games to ask you if you want to receive push messages. Think about whether you really need this. Under "Settings>" Messages ">" control panel "you will see many apps that want to send you messages. Banish all unneeded apps from headquarters.
  • Take advantage of the operating system update, which stands for your iPod Touch available.
  • Use the MP3 Player Headphones, which are supplied by Apple itself or quality Headphones third party such as the Sony specialists. An inferior headphones means that he swallowed many frequencies and very noisy must set the iPod Touch to detect a certain tone width. A high-quality headset ensures even at low volume that all sound widths such as bass and treble unfold. This not only saves power, but also offers you an enjoyable listening experience and easy on your ears.
  • The brightness of the screen to leave on automatic, because you save power and have the same time a clearly visible image.

Additional Power for iPod Touch 4G

The battery life of your iPod Touch 4G You can also extend to an external spare battery. You have a choice between large external batteries that charge also other devices and small compact battery, which although usually have a lower load capacity, but are especially handy.

  • An example of a larger battery, for example, the PowerGen Mobile Pack Juice Pack, which charges for numerous models of many brands, including MP3 players, tablets and smartphones.
  • Particularly elegant as a compact variant, the solutions for plugging such as the Wicked Chili spare battery or the Astro Mini Power Banks series.
  • Make sure when buying an additional battery on the ratings of buyers of each model, as there are differences in quality in terms of reliability and comfort.
  • Ideally, a high-quality spare battery not be overloaded and is high-quality. This includes connections that are precisely tailored to the supported models.
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