Irish customs - so you celebrate St. Patrick's Day

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Irish customs - so you celebrate St. Patrick's Day

St Patricks Day is what everyone

About Your Irish St. Patricks Day

  • The St. Patrick's Day is celebrated on 17 March. This day is a public holiday in Ireland and partly outside of Ireland.
  • On this day exhibitions will take place early in the morning, which are usually held in the Irish language.
  • There is traditionally a big parade that day. Here the music is played, danced, laughed and celebrated. Irish, Irish emigrants and more and more innocent people celebrate St Patricks Day.
  • The patron saint St. Patrick should - have then driven the snakes out of the country - according to tradition. The snakes are here probably to be interpreted as a symbol of the pagan rituals and customs.
  • St. Patrick is the time the King Laoghaire with a Shamrock (Shamrock) have explained the Trinity. By whose remarks the king gave his consent to spread Christianity in Ireland.

Customs on St. Patricks Day

  1. The St. Patrick's Day is all green in color. So it is not surprising that much is held in green. So there are cities such. B. Chicago, the stain on St. Patricks Day their rivers green, this they do with a chemical that is normally used to find leaks. This is not harmful to nature.
  2. Even the Guinness is colored on this day partly green. This happens tasteless, so the beer retains its incomparable taste. In addition, should any Guinness, which is drawn, are provided with a cloverleaf.
  3. If you drink a whiskey, evaluate these optically necessarily with a floating shamrock on before you drink it, which promises happiness for the coming year.
    If you want to party all according to the Irish customs to St. Patrick's Day, consider but if you do not paint a shamrock on her cheek and possibly stain your hair green or sit up an appropriate wig.
  4. A custom which can not be so easily exercise for anyone to kiss a secret hideaway place of Blarney Castles castle wall is. This is done now on the back Lying and good luck. Blarney Castle is located near Cork.
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