Is polyester harmful? - Properties of the substance

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Is polyester harmful?  - Properties of the substance

Polyester is recommended in every season.

Polyester is a fiber which is very low in the processing. In many products, this fiber is therefore also present. Ask yourself the question whether this fiber is harmful? No, this fiber has many features and advantages over other fibers.

Polyester has many features

  • When asked if polyester is harmful or dangerous to health are conflicting views.
  • Polyester is a very environmentally friendly material. Only the part of polyacrylic is proven to be carcinogenic but are is not by scientists.
  • The material is very durable, elastic, and resistant to light.
  • Jackets made of polyester are very weather-resistant, especially good protective against rain and wind.
  • Guests will also find that this substance that the yarns used are processed much better and more evenly, unlike the natural yarns.

Clothing with this fiber is not harmful

  • Polyester has even more advantages because when you wash the garment, you will need this if it is dried, not iron.
  • The respective colors in this material are not harmful and very durable, even if you have washed the fabric already several times. The color lasts longer in the fibers, since these are dyed to chemical type.
  • Many manufacturers of sports or exercise clothing prefer this substance in the preparation.
  • In this dress you sweat though faster but for this substance is much faster dry, unlike other materials such as cotton, for example.
  • The sportswear place especially in the summer months very well received.
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