Is there the Umbrella Corporation really?

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Is there the Umbrella Corporation really?

The Umbrella Corporation has an umbrella as a logo.

That's the Umbrella Corporation

The Umbrella Corporation has a stylized umbrella as a logo. The suits their official strives to make people's lives safer and more enjoyable. Therefore, the company manufactures, among other drugs, and cosmetics. But there is a sub-group, the Umbrella White, which deals with a completely different product, namely dangerous bioweapons. The most famous of these weapons is the so-called T-virus that is able to awaken dead cells back to life. This creates dangerous zombies. Thus, the company is responsible for the relevant opponent in the rice-Dent Evil series. If you think as a fan, that there really is the company, but you can rest assured.

Is there really the company?

The Umbrella Corporation is, as the above description suggests, not a group who would peddle its main products. So if it's so, that there really is a similar company that is guaranteed not officially announced.

  • That this is the case, of course, is not to be excluded. Many conspiracy theorists believe that the governments of powerful industrial nations develop weapons secretly, which are of biological origin. The extent to which research in this direction, of course, no one knows, can speculate but always.
  • The Umbrella Corporation itself, that a company of the same name and the same function as in the game and in the film series does not exist, however. Sites from time to time created that look like official company pages - are from fans - as consolation.

As you can see in front of a bioweapons attack Zombie you have to in the near future - at least officially - not fear.

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