Is too much ginger harmful? - Find out the nutritional value of ginger

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Is too much ginger harmful?  - Find out the nutritional value of ginger

Ginger is not harmful.

Where the ginger comes, really can not be determined exactly. Most likely, he resigned from Southeast Asia on its way around the world and is today, and usually not harmful a popular spice or remedy.

That's Ginger

  • It is a herbaceous plant and looks like reed. Used but is the rhizome of. That's in the ground or just above growing Sprossachse system.
  • Around 50% of the world today come from India. It is used almost everywhere in the world.
  • Ginger smells pleasantly aromatic, tastes but grown burning hot and spicy. In times when there was no pepper, you used him instead. Today he finds versatile use.

There are many uses

  • In the main, it is needed as a spice. He is regarded as very sharp and is next to the main pepper seasoning of this kind. Especially good it tastes of chicken, lamb, fish or seafood. Even rice pudding, gingerbread, tea or fruit Compotes be refined so.
  • In syrup fresh ginger pieces are eaten gladly, as well as candied parts or coated with chocolate. In Britain Jam's are increasingly popular.
  • Also it is used for drinks such as ginger ale or beer, or as an additive to coffee and tea.

To what extent ginger may be harmful

  • Ginger has almost exclusively positive effect on your health and wellbeing. He acts anoxidativ, antiemetic and anti-inflammatory. The bowel function, he suggests.
  • It is also used for colds or nausea and vomiting.
  • For external application, it soothes irritations especially in injuries of the mucous membranes or skin wounds.

Really dangerous can not be ginger. Typically, your body reacts even if something does not fit. When too much of it could lead to bloating or diarrhea because his focus stimulates the intestine, has an antibacterial effect and correct "by sweeping". it is used in moderation but do you only good. If you feel something unpleasant, reduce the consumption just something.

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