Islamic era - so successful conversion

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Islamic era - so successful conversion

Islamic era is dependent moon.

For details on the lunar calendar

  • The Islamic calendar is the second Caliph Omar Ibn Al-Hattab n during his reign in 638. Chr. Introduced. Today Muslims also use the Gregorian calendar. The lunar calendar is relevant only for determining festivals.
  • The lunar calendar has just as our solar calendar of 12 months. Here, a month ends when the last remains of a crescent moon appears. The Next thus begins the first day of the new moon.
  • But the calendar of Islam has, in contrast to the Gregorian 29 or 30 days a month and is thus 11 days shorter than the solar calendar. He has therefore to 354 days a year.

The Islamic calendar and their conversion

  • To convert from the Gregorian to the Islamic calendar, and vice versa, there are two mathematical formulas. These are: C = H x (32/33) + 622 and H = (33/32) x (C - 622). Here is the letter "C" for the Christian year and "H" for "Hijra" (in Arabic: "emigration", the year of Islam).
  • The lunar calendar is 11 days shorter than the rounded solar calendar. 33 lunar years correspond 32 solar years. Figures 32 and 33 are divided from one another and thus form the difference of 11 days. 622 marks the beginning of the age.
  • If you have an Islam-year ago and want to convert it into Gregorian, so take the first formula and set for "H" one each Islamic year. In the same principle, it extends to the second formula. The respective Gregorian year is used for "C" and so converted.
  • If you the conversion is too complicated or you want to convert and days and months, you can use an online converter.
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