Isolated - what it means and the consequences

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Isolated - what it means and the consequences

Isolated - time for other things

Definition of "exempt"

An exemption means that the worker is released either at the initiative of the employer or in agreement with him at the instigation of the employee out for a certain time from the obligation to carry out its work. This means that you should not appear at your workplace for the duration of the exemption or need.

If you want or exempted themselves decide, there are some aspects that have to be considered, such as duration of the exemption, payment, revocability and More. These aspects are very important because they provide the framework for your options.

Important aspects when you are free

  • Financial aspects: Basically, you can be paid or unpaid exempted. If you wish to be exempted on their own initiative, because you want to, for example, take an extended break, so is not usually paid the. If the initiative for the exemption, however, made by the employer, he must you continue to pay your salaries normally.
  • Duration of the exemption: The duration of the exemption will depend inter alia on the reason for which it was made. Does it serve only the bridge a certain acute situation, it is quite short, as a rule. But it may also be that the economic situation of a company making a longer exemption required.
  • Type of exemption: you can either be exempted permanently - so do not go back as an employee in the company - or revocable, which means that you can always be brought back to your workplace.

You are free - what about holidays and perquisites?

Therefore, an exemption may be issued by the employer in order to consume their accumulated vacation days. These are then paid out to the period during which you are free. If you, the employer, however, freely revocable, he may claim your vacation not charge this time.

A part-time job during the period of the exemption, you may assume only with the permission of the employer. You can then control whether your perquisite will be offset against your salary or you can keep it as an additional revenue with him.

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