ISS: calculate gravity at the height of the space station - how it works

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ISS: calculate gravity at the height of the space station - how it works

The space station orbits the earth

ISS: calculating the gravitational force

  1. To calculate the gravity at the level of the ISS you need two formulas. They need the formula for the gravitational force: F g = m * g * h. m is the mass of the body. g is the local factor on the earth (9.81 N / kg). h is the height above the ground.
  2. You also need the formula for Gravitiationskraft in radial gravitational field: F grav = G * (m * M) / r 2. G is the gravitational constant (6.67 * 10 -11). m is the mass of the first body, M is the mass of the second body. r is the distance to each other of the two bodies.
  3. To calculate the gravity at the level of the ISS you need the following data: the amount of the space station above the Earth 400 km; Mass of earth: 6 * 10 24 kg.
  4. Put the two formulas is now equal to: F g = F grav. As an expression obtained by: m * g * h = G * (m * M) / r 2. The Term sculpt around for g: g = G * (m * M) / (r 2 * m * h). You will see, you can cancel out m. The mass of the space station so no matter.
  5. Put values ​​now in the formula. As result you get g = 8.73 N / kg. This is the acceleration of gravity at the level of the ISS.

Comparison of the force of gravity on the earth and the ISS

  • Compare. Gravitational acceleration g on Earth and at the height of the ISS Although the space station floating 400 km above the earth, still affects a large part of the weight. The gravity of the ISS corresponds 88.9% of gravity on Earth.
  • 400 km will appear to you highly. Looking at the height of the ISS in a scale diagram on, you will notice that the space station scars almost above the soil surface. Geostationary satellites as you are used to telecommunications, have a height of 36,000 km above the earth.
  • Because the ISS has a relatively low height, must be raised regularly so you do not crash to the ground.
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